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Here’s another funny thing. The first scene, as far as we know, has been retcon-ed by Zero Year, even though the exact same scene happened in Batman #6. I honestly think that out of all the scene that shouldn’t be retcon-ed, it’s that. It’s simplistic, iconic, and most importantly, it’s been established as canon in New 52. 

By my rule of continuity, in which I declare I will stop reading the moment it stops making sense, I should’ve stopped reading Batman by the time Death of The Family ends. I feel like that story is the turning point (This arc is set after that)

But here we are. Some stories are so interesting it’s worth ignoring common sense for, and now I know how it feels to be a masochistic comic fans

The second page shows what I assume to be Batman’s time traveling, but it’s so unclear it can be read as Li’l Bruce having a vision of the future when he fell into the well. 

Wait, does the falling into the well canon now?

Batman Incorporated Vol. 1 Demon Star #0 Brand Building

At first I didn’t get what the “ring the bell” thing means, but Batman said it in the first panel “The truth about Batman is he’s never alone”. Ringing the bell means calling for help, as when he first became Batman he rang the bell for Alfred to come help him, this time he “ring the bell” to call the formation of Batman Incorporated to help him.